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As a loan adviser I will help you to choose the most optimum and appropriate loan offer. Thanks to signed agreements with several banks we may carefully propose you financing real property, by negotiating favorable accreditation conditions, giving support to the client in difficult bank procedures. We explain incomprehensible transcripts of loan contracts. We guarantee short time of awaiting for bank decision. I advise completely objectively, professionally and independently in choosing loan offer. For our clients I give help with all needed documents connected with the real property into chosen bank and I monitor process of acquiring the loan, synchronizing dates of finishing transaction. All those services are free for each of our clients.

Whilst matching loans for our clients I am trying them to be:

  • Available credit, meaning from a bank which wants to give it – before making application I am checking credit availability!
  • Credit matched for individual expectations and specific situation in which loan debtor is,
  • Friendly, meaning such which will not be too exhausting with formalities, because I am taking care for myself with large amount of those.


Part of our offer are:

Housing credits.

Can be taken out for:

  • Detached house or a flat in many family houses on primary market and secondary market,
  • Buying council flats and company flats,
  • Buying building plots,
  • Building, superstructure, rebuilding, expansion of detached house,
  • Adaptation of rooms not adopted to living into flats,
  • Transformation of cooperative tenant law for the apartment into cooperative ownership law for the apartment,
  • Transforming eternal estate using law into ownership law.

It is in most of cases long-term – repayment may be spread into even several dozen of years. Precaution of the credit is most of the time the credited estate, although the precaution may also be collateral of other estate – flat, building or plot.



It is money for private individuals for any chosen consumer goods, mortgage, if you have a real property which can be precaution of credit, and at the same time you are planning to spend money for purpose not connected with building, buying or reparation house or flat. It is one of ways of financing i.e. car, paying earlier loans, acquiring money for capital investments. Its most important virtue is that it is much cheaper than a loan.


Linking Credit.

Linking credit may be used to pay commitments in other banks, such as housing credits, cars, consumer, credit cards and overdrafts. Part of credit amount of linking credit may be used for unspecified purpose. It is form of exchanging few credits into one, cheaper, and in this way decreasing your monthly charges.


Refinancing Credit.

If you are a person who took a housing credit a few years ago and your credit is more expensive than most of credits available on the market you can change it for cheaper. In other words: you can move your commitments connected with housing credit from one bank into target bank – on definitely better conditions!