1. Customer service in our office.

The most important thing in this kind of activity is the client. Searching and connecting clients happens with help of different forms of advertising. First contact with potential client is most important thing for us.

When a client decides to look for an estate interesting for him with help of agency we skillfully and precisely identify their needs, meaning:

  • what sort of estate are they interested in (flat, house, plot),
  • what location are they looking for (city, district, street),
  • in case of flats i.e. are they looking for high or low building or tenement, near elevator, near garbage chute, with balcony, etc,
  • What living space are they interested in,
  • What is the top price the client is willing to pay,
  • In what hours is it comfortable for the customer to see the proposed offer.


Then we sign a mediation contract, we inform client about contents of the contract and to what it commits both sides. Basing on gathered information the mediator connects offer of buying with selling.

It is different when it comes to client who wants to sell his estate. Most often such client comes to us with offer of selling his estate. Mediator makes an appointment to see it. There he makes a description of the estate, checks its legal state very carefully and all documentation connected with the estate. During visitation the mediator takes photographs of rooms and outside of the object. After finishing these activities mediator signs contract for selling the estate with its owner and informs about to what it commits both sides. After accepting the offer the estate is widely advertised by Estate Agency “A. Z. GWARANCJA” through our website, Internet portals on which there are placed photographs with description, local newspapers, advertising boards. The offer is also placed in other estate agencies due to our cooperation with them.

We cooperate on bases of Open Contract and Contract with Exclusiveness Clause.

2. What is exclusiveness giving?

Contracts with exclusiveness clause are the best form of selling real estate, and not only from mediators point of view but also the selling person. It is basic way of mediators activities on western market, which work very good also in Polish Market.

a) Saving time and money.

The contract commits mediator to a broad range of activities in sphere of promotion and advertisement, including placing the offer in other estate agencies (which corresponds with placing your offer in several dozen of offices in whole region).

b) Increasing effectiveness.

Having signed contract for exclusiveness our office is able to lead wide selling politics. Giving more information, localization, photographs of the outside of the estate we are able to select more precisely the group of potential buyers, absorb their attention with offers in press and on the Internet.

c) Profits

Possibility of wide advertisement connected with cooperation and using databases of other estate agencies allows us to maximally good price on the market and selling as quickly as possible.