Performing service of Mediation in Estate Market by Estate Agency “A. Z. GWARANCJA” is now possible thanks to amended Real Estate Economy Act, according to:

Article 180 item 1a of Real Estate Economy Act, mediator in real estate turnover can make an elaboration and expertise and provide advice in range of estate market.


and many years of experience, specialized team and possessed vast knowledge about local estate market, current projects, plans and tendencies in ways of developing different kinds of estates.


The need of taking conscious, responsible and safe decision in purpose of engaging large capital means to invest in real estates, takes professional and reliable knowledge of estate market adviser.



Estate Agency „A.Z.GWARANCJA” performs service:

- advising in form of analysis and expertise of real estate market, depending on the estate,


For entities:

- individuals,

- companies,

- property developers,

- rentiers,

- banks,

- capital funds,

- insurers,

- cooperatives,

- administrators,

- public institutions,

- public agendas.

For purpose of:

- planning investments on new markets,

- planning area developing and effective real estate managing,

- investing funds in real properties,

- own needs of further selling the real estate,

- developing, transforming the estate.

- changing the use of estate,

- protecting from risks of disposing the real property.


Price of performing the service is established individually, depending on customer’s needs.

For purpose of increasing specialized knowledge, and for our clients’ good and better estate economy service, Mr. Andrzej Zapart after taking part in a dozen or so trainings received certificate and title of Real Estate Market Adviser PTEiDRN which is written in Register of Advisers PTEiDRN on number 98.